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Carter centre congratulates Nepalese

KATHMANDU, May 31: The Carter Center has congratulated the people of Nepal, the government, and the political parties on the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly on May 28, 2008.

"This is a testament to the commitment and dedication of the Nepali people and their political leadership to sustainable peace and multi-party democracy," the Center said in a press release Friday.

Stating the historic step taken by the newly elected Constituent Assembly to vote for transforming Nepal into a federal, democratic republic, the Center noted that this inaugurated a new phase in Nepali history, and one in which the Center expected that all of Nepalís people, particularly historically marginalized groups, will be able to freely exercise their due rights in an environment respectful of the rule of law and focused on the achievement of peace, progress, and prosperity for all.

The Center stated that the Constituent Assembly has been tasked with drafting a permanent constitution that addresses the aspirations of Nepalís diverse people.

"As the most inclusive elected body in Nepalís history, it is well positioned for this critical job. The Carter Center encourages all members of the assembly to take seriously their shared responsibility to work effectively and transparently, to engage in broad consultation with all sectors of society at every stage of the drafting process, to reflect accurately the will of their constituents, and to remain personally accountable to the people of Nepal."

Meanwhile, Our Staff Reporter adds: Monokranti Abhiyan has welcomed the declaration of a federal democratic republic in Nepal through the historic Constituent Assembly (CA) on May 28.

In a statement issued by Dr. Yogi Bikashananda Saturday said that the Abhiyan would like to extend felicitation to the people, political leaders, and national and international organisations for their significant contribution to bringing in the historic change in Nepal.

Likewise RSS adds: Nepal Intellectual Council congratulated all those who played crucial role for ending the 240 year old autocratic and feudal system and establishing republican set up in the country.

Issuing a press release here today, the council stated that the government should be formed on the basis of political consensus among the parties so as to institutionalize lasting peace, inclusive economic development and democracy and also called upon the efforts from all sides to cooperate in this critical hour.

In Bhaktapur, Vice President of Nepali Congress and Member of Constituent Assembly Prakashman Singh has said all political parties need to move ahead to formulate democratic constitution according to peopleís desire.

In the reception, organized here today by Nepali Congress, Bhaktapur Town Committee, Vice President Singh said all should bear responsibility to formulate democratic constitution on the basis of consensus.

He said his party would not help Maoist to form the government unless they come to democratic mainstream.

Chairman of Nepal Law Commission, Baburaja Joshi said additional responsibility has been ladened on political parties and civil societies to institutionalize republic and establish sustainable peace.

Nepali Congress, Bhaktapur Town Committee President, Rabindra Pradhan chaired the program in which former parliamentarian Lekhnath Neupane and assemblyperson Leela Nyainchyain also expressed their opinions.

In Damauli, an All Party Committee in Tanahun has organized a tea party today to celebrate the institutionalization of federal democratic republic in the nation.

At the function present were representatives from different political parties, district chief of the security bodies, office chiefs, industrialists, businessmen, social workers, lawyers, intellectuals, human rights activists and media persons among others.

Various personalities, including District President of Nepali Congress Raghu Nath Poudel, District Secretary of CPN- UML Pratap Lal Shrestha; District In-charge of CPN- Maoist Hari Bahadur Chuman, District President of Janamorcha Nepal Gun Nidhi Sharma, Central Member of Janamorcha Nepal Reeta Manushi, and CPN- UMLís leader Rekha Basyal expressed their views.

In Dhadingbesi, a republican poetry symposium was held here yesterdat to mark the rebirth of the country as a republic. The poetry symposium was organized by Shrastha Abhiyan (Creatorsí Campaign).

At the symposium chaired by campaign coordinator Nabinbandhu Pahadi, poets recited their creations and exchanged greetings through their creations.

Likewise, National Election Observation Committee, Dhading, also hosted a tea reception to mark the occasion. Civil society leaders, NGO representatives, legal practitioners, journalists, rights activists and businessmen attended the reception.

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