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Nepal Facts Sheet

Country Nepal
Capital City Kathmandu
National Flag Nepal Flag

The national flag of Nepal is the only national flag which is not rectangular in shape. The flag is crimson with blue boarder. The flag is based upon two separate emblems the moon and the sun. Moon and Sun expressed the hope that the Nation shall live long as these heavenly bodies.

Total Area of The Country 1,47,181 Sq.Km

The average length being 885 km east to west and the average breadth is 193 km from north to south.


Geographically, the country is divided in three regions; Mountain, Hill and Terai region.

Climate The hill, mid-hills and particularly the Kathmandu valleys are pleasant with warm summers and cool winters. Temperature ranges between maximum of 37 and minimum of 6 degree Celsius in the plains, 28 and 2 degree Celsius in the Kathmandu valley and 16 and 6 degree Celsius in the mountains. The rainy season lasts from June to August.
Population 23,151,423 as of June 2001(According to the latest census of 2001)
Population structure: 49.95 percent of the total population male, 50.05 percent of the population females
Major language Nepali
Major Religions Hinduism, Buddhism
Life expectancy 58.3 years (men), 57.35 years (women) CIA: 2000 est.
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